Why travel with Original Routes

Original Routes is a boutique travel company that combines inward journeys and outward adventures. Together we’ll immerse ourselves in diverse cultures and connect with local people in some of the most spectacular places on earth. 

With a focus on culture and the natural world, each journey provides opportunities for authentic connections with people and places in ways that are meaningful and memorable.

Experience the cultural diversity of world Indigenous cultures and gain deeper insight into their wisdom, traditions and culture in an authentic and respectful way.

Explore the natural beauty of our planet, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, to the lush Amazon rainforest, beautiful beaches on some of the planet’s most pristine islands, and peaceful rolling countryside that is steeped in the history of ancient times.

Meet like-minded people and make lasting friendships with those who share a passion for meaningful travel that enriches the body, mind, and spirit.

Connect to yourself. By stepping out of our routines and responsibilities, travel often provides time for personal self-reflection. For many, this could mean seeing your life from an entirely new perspective causing either to deepen gratitude for the lives we have created, to make subtle changes upon our return,  and in some cases, to change the course of our lives completely.

Window into my World

It’s a wonderful thing to discover what you’re most passionate about and to make it your life. For me it’s exploring the rich natural and cultural diversity of this planet, immersing myself in deeply transformative experiences that blow my mind and heart wide open and most of all it’s deepening my insight into the culture, wisdom, traditions and ceremony of world Indigenous peoples.

Falling in love with this planet has been my never-ending love affair. I’ve spent the past 25 years travelling back and forth between Canada and remote places around the world ~ living, studying, working, volunteering and exploring. I’ve led adventure tours, created a Foundation, worked with Indigenous communities, participated in deeply transformational retreats and am on a constant journey of personal, professional, spiritual and educational growth. With over 10 years of experience working in the Adventure Travel Industry and 10 years working at Canada’s Leading Educational Retreat Centre, I have the skills, experience, relationships, connections and PASSION to turn Original Routes into not just another travel company.

We can spend our entire lives being swept away by the words of travel writers and the images of National Geographic or we can get out there to actually experience the world for ourselves. May my journeys inspire you to become an ambassador for the protection and preservation of our beautiful planet in all her glorious diversity.

 The world is my canvass and these journeys are my brush strokes. Through them my dream is to create opportunities for others to develop deeper connections with themselves, nature and people from diverse cultures around the world.  Whether we’re learning from world-class teachers and healers, paddling dugout canoes down an Amazon river, trekking to far flung places of the Himalayas, or on a pilgrimage to the base of a sacred mountain in the Andes, let me take you on an experience you’ll never forget. It may just change your life!

It certainly has inspired mine. 


Owner & Adventurer